"How to Build a Winning Sales Team That Sells and Succeeds."

3-Part Workshop Training Covering Advanced Topics such as:

  • How to turn almost ANYONE with a baseline of skill into a top-performing salesperson (and why most companies fail miserably at doing this) 
  • How to hire salespeople (including the one question that will instantly separate the best from the worst) 
  • The 3 systems every business must have to set up your sales team for success (we’ll give you all three) 
  • How to create an effective sales process designed to achieve rapid and predictable growth (you’ll get each step). 
  • Everything you need to know about tracking, feedback loops and the right way to "score" a sales call.
  • Why you don’t want to set “quotas” and the RIGHT WAY to set up a sales compensation plan that incentivizes salespeople (do this wrong and it’ll work against you).
  • How to create a proven Sales Playbook to drive sales and organize your business to scale quickly 
  • Step-by-step, everything you need to do to identify your most high-potential activities for consistently winning the best deals 
  • How to push your company into hyper-growth through simple and measurable processes 
  •  How to eliminate the guesswork and stop winging it when it comes to sales 
  • How to turn an average salesperson into a superstar

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"Just think, since we started working with you, we went from just over $1MM three years ago to now hitting over $24.1MM this year! A 1,500% increase and there’s still plenty of growth waiting for us! The point is, I’m truly grateful for the work we’ve done together. Hiring you was easily the best decision I’ve made for my company and I’m excited to see what we’re going to do together next!"

Michael Mogill
CEO, Crisp Media Group

"Within 90 days of working with you, our Q1 revenue beat out our entire year's revenue. This happened during the COVID-19 crisis when the world was practically shut down.

You are the real deal."

Shama Hyder
CEO, Zen Media